Jungfraujoch Ice Palace: A world carved from ice

The adage 'if one could freeze time' finds its highest expression inside the Ice Palace at Jungfraujoch. The Ice Palace (Eispalast) is a series of corridors containing ice sculptures. It is carved into Aletsch, Europe's longest glacier, between the Monch and Jungfrau peaks. Enveloping you in chilly air, these tunnels undoubtedly offer a unique experience to visitors.

Quick facts abour Ice Palace

  • Official name: Ice Palace (Eispalast)
  • Address: Jungfraujoch, 3823 Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
  • Year of opening: 1930s (approximately)
  • Timings: Generally after 8 AM - 4:15 PM

Ice Palace highlights

Intricate ice sculptures

View ice sculptures of bears, penguins, huskies, igloos and other arctic-themed objects. Carved with ice picks and saws, these models showcase fine and precise artistry.

Tunnel walk

Since the Ice Palace is a series of tunnels, the walk through them is an experience in itself. Brush past ice walls and see your breath fog in front of you as you stop at each sculpture. Note that the walkways can be slippery, so be sure to hold on to the railings.

See Scrat

Find Scrat, the saber-toothed squirrel from Ice Age who's frozen behind an ice block, holding his beloved acorn. You can also see a still of Charlie Chaplin in one of the segments.

Know before you go to the Ice Palace

Opening Hours
Getting There
Jungfraujoch Ice Palace
Jungfraujoch Ice Palace

Address: Jungfraujoch, 3823 Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Find on Maps
Closest Station: Jungfraujoch

Jungfraujoch Ice Palace

There is a wheelchair stair lift that takes wheelchair users down to the Ice Palace. Jungfraujoch is fully wheelchair accessible.

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Frequently asked questions about the Ice Palace at Jungfraujoch

What is the Jungfraujoch Ice Palace?

The Jungfraujoch Ice Palace is a unique attraction within Jungfraujoch in Switzerland, which houses lifelike animal ice sculptures and other figures entirely carved from ice.

Where is the Jungfraujoch Ice Palace located?

The Ice Palace is located in Jungfraujoch between the Monch and Jungfrau peaks, 30 metres below Europe's longest glacier, the Aletsch.

Where can I buy Ice Palace tickets?

A visit to the Ice Palace is included with your Jungfraujoch tickets, which are best purchased online and in advance.

How to get to the Ice Palace?

You can get to the Ice Palace by taking the Jungfraujoch train from Kleine Scheidegg or Eiger Glacier station.

Who created the Jungfraujoch Ice Palace?

Mountain guides carved the corridors and hallways of the palace in the 1930s using ice picks and saws.

When are the Ice Palace opening hours?

The palace is open year-round after 8 AM AM and up to to 4:15 PM.